Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chapter Nine - Surprise

Matt Wu shook his head slowly as the guards advanced slowly. Bonette was out cold, on the ground. Matt knew that he could easily beat up these people, but he wanted to remain his power a secret, for now. Then, one of the guards, the leader, said to the others, "Leave him...Fred told us to get Bonette only."

Matt gasped quietly at what he said. "Fine, take her. She's right there. Leave me here, I'm useless."
"Quite right, " The leader replied modestly. "Come on you guys, help me lift her."
Surprisingly, everybody got up to help lift her up. While their backs were turned, Matt shot a weak but sturdy energy ball at the nearest one. "AARG!" The guard replied, fainting. The leader turned and smiled at Matt with glowing eyes.

"Your powers are back aren't they?" He said, in terror. The leader pulled out a Pistol, firing a single shot at Matt's head. Matt narrowly missed the oncoming target, and shot a plasma beam of energy at the Leader.
"NO!" One of the guards shouted and jumped into the Energy's path, killing him.
All the guards pulled out their rocket launchers, while the Leader held on to the Pistol. "Give up?" The leader shouted.

Matt didn't answer, for he was quickly turning over the bed as a shield. Matt then started firing jolts like crazy, hiding under the bed occasionally. The jolts were 50% accurate, with little energy. The leader started to shoot the bed with his pistol, making gaping holes as they hit. "Do not use the rocket launchers...they will kill us all." The Leader said, throwing pistols to the other guards. Matt did his duck and cover routine for quite a few minutes, killing only three people.

The leader, now frustrated, started to kick Bonette into a bin. Once in, he instructed a few others to help push. "You other people stay and fight to the death." The leader whispered, so Matt couldn't hear.

Meanwhile, Matt was busy charging up his ultimate attack. He glanced over the bed and saw only a handful of guards left. Bonette was missing. "Darn." Matt replied, realizing their plan. Matt had no choice but to charge up fully. Once he did, he leaped into the open air, blasted his energy ball, and ducked into the bed once more. Everybody in its path was disintegrated into mist.

Matt ran out of the shield and put his hand over his heart. "Truce." He replied, in a cunning voice.
There were only two guards remaining, so they shook their head.
Matt shot an eye-beam, while both guards shot their pistols. The three attacks collided with one-another, causing a deafening BOOM. Matt was thrown back against the wall, as the two guards were shot out of the room. A second later, they were back, holding their rocket launchers.

"If you shoot, you'll kill us all." Matt said, scared out of his wits.
"Exactly." Both guards replied. There was a boom, two rockets, a scream, and a fall.
Everything was destroyed. The bed was turned over, the shelf was thrown over, and more importantly, the guards were dead. Matt stirred and smiled once he got up. His plan worked.

"Thank you bed." Matt said, patting the demolished pillow. In a second, Matt was gone....on his way to save Bonette.

"Let me go." Bonette replied, struggling in the bin.
"We'll let you go once we get to the Headquarters." The leader replied, now annoyed. They had been walking for at least thirty minutes, and even he was getting restless.
"Sir," One of the guards said to the leader.
"What?" He snapped, holding Bonette and the bin firmly.
"What do you think happened to _ _ _ _?" The guard replied.
"Whose that?" Bonette replied, trying to use her powers.
"It's no use." The leader said, "You can't use your powers.
Bonette knew that, but she wasn't using them. She was using telepathy.

Matt felt something in his brain, and let it respond. Bonette was calling Matt, telling him where she was. "On it." Matt replied, sending her a message.
Bonette smiled miles away and listened to the others speak.

"He's probably you know.." The leader said, glancing at Bonette while he spoke.
One of the guards immediately turned around and shot a rocket into the sky. "Matt." He said, waving his hand.
The leader groaned and took out the grenade launcher.

Matt saw incoming projectiles heading his way. In incredible ease, he steered away from them. Matt could scarcely see the bunch miles below. He could make out the bin, where Bonette was being held. In careful aim, he shot a single beam of energy.

"Incoming!" The guard replied. "Energy blast heading out way!"
The leader and the two guards ducked behind a shrub, waiting for the impact. Instead, there was a crack, and the bin broke. Bonette stood up and cracked her knuckles.

Matt sighed in delight and zoomed down to Earth, wanting to get a few answers. Bonette was raising her hands, preparing for the kill. "NO!" Matt said, rushing into the path.
"What are you doing?" Bonette said, "we need to kill them."
"Not until we get some answers straight." Matt said.

Matt addressed the leader when he spoke. "Who are you?"
"Jack Held, leader of the guards, servant for the Two Greapers." The leader said.
"Who are the Greapers?" Matt said.
"Fred and Greg." Jack Held said, struggling to move from Bonette's electrical whip.
"Why doesn't my mom remember me?" Matt said, bringing back that memory.
"We poisoned her with acid." Jack said, smiling viciously.

Matt screamed and shot a blast of plasma, burning the three alive. "My masters will live!!" Jack said in his dying breath. "So will....Skiz...Forelli!" Jack fell to the ground, burned.
The two guards, who weren't burned as much, started to run away.
"I got them." Bonette said, taking out a whip of electricity. She pulled them together and brought them close. "We need them case." Bonette said.

Matt and Bonette smiled and knew what was coming up. "We have to save the world from them."
"And fast," Bonette replied, sad.
"We need help though." Matt said. "We're completely outnumbered."

Bonette nodded in agreement and said, "All in good time, Matt."
The two started to raise, as they flew back to the house, getting a plan ready.

Back at the Headquarters, Greg was treating Forelli, while Fred and Skiz were talking. "Once Forelli is fine again, we will go about out satellite plan." Fred said to Greg, who nodded.

"We are close. Dr. Vick's dream will not perish. He will live in us." Fred said, getting up.
Skiz roared in delight and walked away, tired.

While both parties of people were creating their plans, another party was rising. The lunar eclipse was beginning...


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