Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chapter Eight - The Battle At Nenen

Matt walked past the gates, holding his only source of light: a flashlight. He heard the sounds of owls and rats that ran across the sidewalk. He put his hands on the doorknob. A sudden burst of icy coldness rushed to his heart at the touch of the frigid knob. He pushed the door open, but to no success. He burst through the door, electricity flowing within him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vick was in his jeep, shouting at Dennis about the proper way to drive. “I told you, hold down the handles when braking, you snot monkey!”
“Yes Vick, but your car is smashed from the battle at Matt’s house.”
“Then fix it when we get Matt’s lightning. And brush your teeth; you smell like a baboon’s butt! Jeesh, do you ever brush?”
“Once in a while, sir.” Dennis said.
“Just concentrate, we are almost there.”

Matt glanced around his surroundings. He was in a dim room. He could barely see two feet ahead of him, partially because of cobwebs and because of dust. He could see a small spiral staircase just ahead of him. Not bothering to stay in the not seeable room, he quietly ascended the stairs, forgetting to fly. At the top was a single hallway, and at the end of it was a closed door. Who knew what lay on the other side…
Now flying, Matt reached the door. A small note that was written probably in blood was perched on the door:

To those who are reading.
Heed my warning,
Do not open the door
Death awaits on the other side
You will never see light again
Leave now while you have the chance,
Or face your doom!

Matt re-read it two times before making up his mind. Obviously, the note is there to just fool people into not coming. Clearly, what ever is on the other side is something of a remarkable value…

“You idiot, you missed the haunted mansion driveway!” Vick said in a huffy puff voice.
“Sorry sir. Did not see.”
“I’m growing deaf from your shouting.” Dennis said unhappily.

Matt opened the door and quickly turned on the flashlight. He shined it in the room. All there was in the room was a bed. On the bed was a boy under the blankets. “Blake.” Matt whispered. He rushed to the bed and pried Blake into his hands. Good thing Blake was not heavy. He opened the window that was next to the bed. He was about to fly out with Blake when a voice behind him dropped Blake in a startled confusion.
“DDropp, za boyy. Noww!” A voice said behind him. A small pinch was injected into Matt’s back. He fell unconscious, loosing sight of Blake and seeing a creature with sharp claws…

Matt woke up on a small coffin. He reacted by standing up quickly and glancing at his surroundings. He was in a tool shed. Chainsaws, knives, and screwdrivers were placed along a workbench. He noticed that someone was breathing on him. Looking behind, he saw Blake, sleeping peacefully on the ground. Matt picked him up, and turned to the door that was on the opposite wall. He destroyed the ceiling and flew out with Blake. Good thing he did not exit by the door, because there was a trap right in front. He started to fly back to his house, when a water ball splashed onto Matt.
He was short-circuiting. Temporarily losing his powers, Matt started to fall. He fell on the roof of the mansion, with Blake next to him. A creature jumped onto the roof, having a water ball in his hand. He shot another water ball at Matt, who again was losing energy. All of a sudden, a bullet streaked out of nowhere, and smacked the water creature in the head.
Water splattered everywhere, as the creature fell dead. Matt looked to see who saved and wished he didn’t.

There stood Dr. Vick, his eyes gleaming and his lightning device saying, “MATCH FOUND!”
“We meet again Matt,” Vick said in a mean and grim voice. His face was in a grimace expression, full of hatred and fear. “You now why I need you. I need your lightning to hatch a dinosaur egg, which will help me take over the world. However, the egg is located in a tightly guarded area, and to reach there, I need some sort of power and that is lightning. If I were to use my fire power, the people guarding the egg could extinguish it with water.”
“What do ya mean, your fire?” Matt said perplexed.
Vick chuckled and said, “Better not get burned.” He moved his arms in a weird motion. All of a sudden, a fire blast erupted out of his hand and crashed onto the roof.
Matt had just barely moved himself and Blake out of the way before the fire ball hit the rooftop. Matt, after putting Blake in a safe place, shot a lighting wave at Vick’s hand. Vick, however, blocked off the shot by using fire. Matt volt tackled the man on the back, sending him to the ground. Using that split second, Matt shot yet another ball to tackle Vick. Vick sprang up, and created a fire beam that blasted Matt into a side gate, knocking him down. Vick said, “I will give you one last chance. Surrender, or face the consequences, M-” He was interrupted by a lightning shot that smacked his stomach.
Vick could not move, for he was paralyzed. Matt took the advantage and blasted a lighting beam at the lightning detector, smashing it into bits. “There, Vick. Now you will never be able to find me!”
Vick struggled to move. He was paralyzed, he could not move. Then he struggled to move his hands. He successfully was able to shot a fire ball, which not only disabled his paralyzes, but also knocked Matt to the ground.
A fierce battle emerged between them. Vick was shooting fire balls and Matt was concentrated on lightning balls. All of a sudden, a lighting ray shot out of Matt’s eyeball. The ray blast Vick through the heart, sending him spiraling to death. Matt froze with terror. He killed Vick, single-handedly.

Dennis who saw this was screaming in terror. In a sudden outrage of fury, Dennis smacked Matt to the ground. Matt got up and shot another eye ray that smashed Dennis to the ground, temporarily unconscious. Using that time, Matt picked up Blake and flew out of the mansion.
Vick’s dinosaur dream was done. Matt had earned his day’s rest.

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