Friday, February 23, 2007

Chapter Two - Blake's House

Matt crept down the staircase to the front door. He looked to make sure that his parents were still in bed and opened the door.

It was a clear and frosty night. Even though the sun was about to come out, Matt still felt goose bumps all over his body.

He ran down his driveway and made a left turn onto Gento Street. He darted down Square Avenue and came to a huge house with a huge front door. There were many windows and many balconies.

Matt knocked on the brown door with his bony knuckles.
Knock, Knock, Knock!
“Who is it,” A voice said on the other side of the door.
“Matt Wu.”

The door opened and a young man appeared before him. With a slight nod, he gestured Matt into the house. The house looked splendid inside. There was a diamond chandelier above Matt’s head, a gigantic staircase leading into the second floor, a hallway leading into the kitchen, and a door beneath and right to the chandelier.

Mr. Tecks, who saw that Matt had arrived, took him inside the door. The three arrived at a small room with three chairs and a huge plasma screen television set.
“It’s so glad you came, Matt,” He said, “Mrs. Tecks is very sad and would be happy if you were to answer a few questions.”

Matt took a seat and looked at the TV. He was always jealous about the fact that Blake’s parents were outrageously rich.

“Matt,” Mrs. Tecks said, “as you know, we put a camera in Blake’s room since the day he started doing weird things in his room.”

She played the footage. At first the screen showed nothing but Blake’s bed and Blake sleeping inside it. Then, a creature appeared in the room. It suddenly transformed into a familiar pink-blue monster. The monster swiped Blake. They both disappeared.

Matt gasped. The same thing happened in his dream!

The young man said, “Sorry for not introducing myself. I am Jim and this is my friend Gelyn. We are part of a group that helps locate missing children. Do you know anything about this strange event?”
Matt quickly told them about his dream. “Well,” Gelyn said, “that’s odd.”
Matt then said, “The mansion is called The Haunted Mansion.” He remembered the name of the mansion from his dream.

Gelyn typed The Haunted Mansion on his laptop. “The Haunted Mansion is located in the outskirt of a town called Nenen. People who live nearby say that ghosts and goblins live in the deserted mansion.” Everybody looked frightened.

“Matt,” Mrs. Tecks said, “if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t even know where Blake would be. You may go.”

Matt smiled and sprinted home. He quietly inserted his key into the front door. He tiptoed upstairs and quietly went back to sleep. It was 6:30.

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