Friday, February 23, 2007

Chapter Three - The Lightning Storm

Matt woke up after a one hour nap. The sun shimmered in the sky and the blue jays and robins were chirping in the bright sunlight. Matt sighed as he remembered today was a school day, and that meant another six hours of boring Mr. Oren, Matt’s teacher. Everyday, he would speak in that dull voice that reminded Matt of a six hour opera. To Matt, sixth grade was not tough. It was just boring to have a teacher like Mr. Oren and worse, a principal like Mr. Gen. It seemed that the only word he knew was stop. Every time, when a problem happened at school, Mr. Gen would just say, “Students, stop!”

The bell rang and Matt went to room 5. The first hour began… “And we multiply four, three times, because that is what exponents are, children. Remember, exponents are spelled E-X-P-O-N-E-N-T-S. Some people in this classroom say Eaxpoonentes, its exponents. Also, parenthesis…”

“I cannot stand Mr. Oren,” Matt said to his mom.
“Listen, Matt, school is over for the day. Be happy.”
“First, I had a boring day, and now there is a stupid thunder and lightning storm.” Indeed, a lightning storm had started, and every second there was thunder rumbling in the distance.

Thunder boomed in the sky as Matt was enjoying hot chocolate with his mom. Matt stared into the clouds and saw the occasional lightning bolts that struck the trees, igniting them. Of course, that was far away, and Matt could see fire fighters throwing out the flame with hoses filled with water.

Mrs. Wu looked at Matt and said, “That reminds me. Matt, take the garbage out.”
“Mom, there’s a storm out there.”
“Relax, Matt. What could happen?”

Matt walked outside, holding the stinking garbage bag in his hand. There was only one garbage dumpster, which was at the end of Matt’s street.

Unlike most towns, Reshna was a poor city. There weren’t many attractions. Reshna always spent money to buy unnecessary things.

Matt tossed the rotten, dulcet garbage into the trash can that was at the end at the street. Turning around a full 360 degrees, Matt saw a red X mark on the sidewalk, hidden and overshadowed by the trees and shrubs.
Matt peered closer, and saw that it was drawn in a reddish color- perhaps blood. Curiosity got the better of him, so he stuck one of his shoes in the heart of the X mark. Suddenly, lightning bolts that appeared out of no where struck around Matt. Static was created, flowing from the ground to his chest.

One of the accurate bolts struck his chest in the left side, where his heart was. It was a burning sensation; heat and electricity rippled all around his body. He saw exploding stars and flashing lights, as he was loosing his consciousness.

He fell, to the floor…


Mike (found on you the world wide web) said...


You are doing great. Keep up the original thought. Remember, an interesting story is more engaging than one with high vocabulary words. Also, take your time developing a strong plot and keep your readers on the "seat of their pants" till the very end. My next comment will be after you publish a few chapters.


Anonymous said...

Rohan, looks v. good.