Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chapter Five - Hatched

The laboratory that stood at the end of the court was in flames; there was no sign of human life. In the middle of the burned lab was the room that held the dinosaur egg, but it was smelling of rot and muck. Two men stood at the table, but were dead, rotting in the flames. The computer room was still intact, playing the footage of the capture again and again. The two men in the computer were talking to the scientists. All of a sudden, the two strange men attacked the scientists and stole the dinosaur egg. The date at the bottom of the screen displayed in highlighted words was 4 days ago.

A man that was standing on the cliff miles away grinned mischievously and teleported to a cave hundreds of miles away. He walked into it, which was illuminated by candles and torches. At the end of the path was a wall. He pushed a button on the wall and placed the key in the dented slot. The wall gave away to a room with people socializing and sleeping.

"Hey Fred..." One of the things said, "So?"

"Everything is destroyed, so I came back to check on the Egg, Greg."

"Cool, "Greg replied. "Whose watching Matt?"

"My minions."Fred replied hastly.

Greg followed as the two went to the back of the room, where there was a small little button on the wall. Fred pushed it and placed his hand on the finger scan. "Fred Tylersoksch. Greaper. Age 534. Enter." The machine said. Fred entered, followed by Greg, who did the same fingerprinting analysis.

The wall gave away again to a small dim-lighted room with 5 people in the middle, huddled around an egg.

"Well?" Fred said to the man in the middle, obviously the leader of the scientists.

"We need more time." He said nervously to Fred, looking down to the ground.

"MORE TIME!!!" Fred roared, kicking the man in the chest. The leader of the scientists fell to the ground and whispered, "We need lightning so we can add it to the hydrogen in that bottle. When the lightning and the hydrogen particles mix, the solution in the bottle will turn the color red. Pour the red liquid on the egg to hatch it."

"We don't have lightning." Greg said. "We dumped Matt's in the nuclear preserve 1 mile from here."

"In what?" The scientist said, still rubbing his stomach.

"In a bottle." Fred replied, suddenly brightening up. "We can go and steal it."

"Go by nighttime...the guards are gone by then." The scientist replied, very bored at the moment.

The moon was out today, but hidden with the overlooking trees. 2 greapers darted from trash bag to trash bag, staying away from the moonlight. "There." Fred said, talking to Greg. The bottle of lightning was 50 feet away, but in the new section. A guard dog was overlooking the area. It was unleashed, unfortunately. Fred immediately walked against the wind, so the dog wouldn't smell him. Fred snapped his fingers and reappeared behind the dog.

The dog, key on his collar, turned around and growled. Fred froze. He couldn't use his power, for the moon was now over him. "Greg!"

Greg, since was under the trees, used his magic to make a bone made of tuna and chicken. The dog couldn't smell it, though. Fred started to run, with the dog on his tail. Greg used his powers to trap the done in a fenced pit. He then threw the bone in the pit, in which the dog ate almost greedily.

The potion was activated, in which the dog fell into a trance, snoring and sneezing. It fell unconscious. Fred jumped into the pit and grabbed the collar around its neck. The key was soon in Fred's hand. He then proceeded to the gate when the sound of a whistle was heard.

Dogs from miles around started to bark and howl. "FRED!" Greg replied.

Fred was already at the gate, and placing the silver illuminate key into the slot where it belonged. The gate creaked and the electrical beams vanished. Greg reappeared next to Fred, now that the moon was behind the cloud and the beams vanished. Fred and Greg both raised there hands at the same time. The electric container immediately came into Fred's hand, while a shock barrier surrounded them, thanks to Greg that is.

Before any of the dogs were on them, the two disappeared, leaving no trace but the scent behind.

They reappeared at the Lab Room. "Did you get it." The leader of the scientists said.

"Yes. FORELLI!" Greg replied.

The dragon appeared in half a second, and looked at the two. "Ghdhjnkrs?"

"Dhdfkl." Fred replied.

The dragon nodded and proceeded to watch. The beaker was already red, so the two carefully poured it on the yellow looking egg.

They waited. Finally, after 3 minutes, a small dinosaur roar was heard. The ancient dinosaur Skiz had come to life.

Skiz roared, and grew rapidly. After a minute, it was 13 feet in height.

"World Domination!" Skiz said to Fred, Greg, the leader, and Forelli.

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