Sunday, July 8, 2007

Chapter Nine - The Final Battle

Matt woke with a lousy groan, for he had woken up yet again at night. It was 3 in the morning, and he was just too excited to sleep. He had just rescued Blake the other day, but because of all the fighting that happened at the haunted mansion, Matt was too preoccupied. He twisted and turned in his bed. Perhaps, maybe he was hungry.

He crept downstairs to the kitchen, and with caution, avoided the two squeaky steps. He adjusted to the dark and once he did, he crept to the pantry. Marveled with the overwhelming food, Matt took a cookie and poured himself a glass of hot milk, to soothe him. After eating his late midnight snack, Matt turned and walked back up.

It had been a while before Matt started to snooze again. He finally went to sleep, by counting sheep, a very boring thing to do. It did work, however, Matt was at 2,000 when he started to fall into slumber.

Sunlight streaked through his window around 7 in the morning. Matt woke with a whine, “Stupid sunlight,” he murmured.

He felt like punching the sun away from earth, so the heat and the light will be gone. Frustrated, he tossed himself out of the bed. He felt like throwing up. Maybe I’m sick or something.

He looked at the mirror. In his reflection, he looked perfectly normal. No green, no cuts, or bruises. Matt walked downstairs two at a time. He searched in the kitchen for some breakfast. Bingo! He found a humongous chocolate chip bagel. After scooping some cream cheese and some jam, Matt took a bite. He was savoring the moment. Just then, the doorbell rang.

Matt knew that his parents were sleeping, so he himself would need to answer. He rushed to the door but before he could stop his running feet, he just slammed onto the door “Who is it?” Matt fumbled.

Um…um… mail message delivery. I um… got a gift from your aunt.”

Matt smiled. It was one of aunt Cathy’s gifts. He opened the door with an eager expression, but it was cut short when he saw the “mail delivery guy.” Though he had clothes, Matt could see that he was that creature from the haunted mansion. Matt closed the door on his face. He waited if he would barge through the door. He didn’t.

Matt peeped through the curtain and saw that the creature was gone. He breathed a sigh of relief. He went out in the front to make sure that no one was there. He was about to turn back into the house, when he spied a small piece of paper. He picked it up. It showed weird designs and pictures. For some reason, he thought the paper drawing looked like a war setup. The pictures were next to a house. Matt gasped. It looked like the Haunted Mansion! Something is happening at the Haunted Mansion! Matt turned over the other side of the page. It said,

Happening on the following Wednesday.”

Today was Tuesday! Tomorrow something evil is happening, Matt thought. Matt looked back at the drawings. For some reason, all the “soldiers” were targeted on a single victim. The victim kinda looks like ….. Matt said, “ME!”

He understood. The creatures from the mansion are lining up in a military fashion. They will walk like soldiers to my house, and then will kill me. Uh-oh! He looked back on the other page in entirety:

Happening on the following Wednesday."
at 4:00 p.m

4:00 p.m.! Matt said “Guud!” He quickly wrote a note to his parents saying that he was going for a refreshing bike ride. He went upstairs and grabbed his newly constructed lightning helmet. It easily fit on to his head, but the best part is that no one could tell the secret identity of him while he’s flying.

He started to fly off. It felt great to be in the sunshine, but Matt knew that evil will be awaiting at his destination. Matt could now see the tiny blur of the Haunted Mansion coming up. He lurched forward. He flew under the rooftop. Sure enough, he could see that the creatures were lining up for their plan. Matt gasped. There, on the top of a somewhat chair, sat a long creature. It had red eyes, sharp nails, and tons of spikes on his back. He also had a crown, the symbol of kingship over the race of creatures. Matt could see that the creatures had guns, bazookas and whips. One had a giant ball in its hands - bombs! The king was menacing by himself, but with his pack of creatures armed with deadly weapons, this was the most menacing of all sights. Just when things could not get any better, Matt saw a fifty-feet giant armed with a club, and with ferocious teeth - the giant seemed like hell itself.

Matt, exhausted, sneezed for the dust under the roof was clogging his nose.

They saw him. The hideous looking “things” had spied him. Immediately, they started speaking. Matt could not decipher their language; he had no idea what they were talking. Finally, one of the leading creatures brandished his whip around and around, until he had enough momentum to swing the whip at Matt’s legs. He jerked the whip back, and Matt, helpless, fell to the ground. All the creatures gathered around him.

Matt screamed, “Lightning Powers On!” He flew in the air, leaving the creatures behind.

The creatures, however, had a plan. They took their bows and arrows and started firing at Matt. Matt avoided one, but got hit by another. The impact sent him spiraling down to the ground. He got up, immediately. He shot a bolt at a creature, who blocked it with a shield.

“Damn, there are too many!” Matt yelled.

The king motioned all the creatures to move aside. He walked to Matt. Matt volt-tackled the king, but he dodged the attack. The king shot a fireball at Matt, who was sent hurling into the bricks. Matt stood, and with concentration, shot an eye beam. It hit the king, making him fall back. Taking advantage, Matt shot a paralyze beam. The king dodged the attack, and the beam hit a creature.

The king got frustrated. He stood up, but Matt tackled him down. Blood gushed out of the king’s back. The king stood, once more. He summoned a dragon, who appeared out of nowhere. The king pulled the dragon’s back, making the dragon blow a mass of fire.

The fire ball hit Matt, making him crash to the wall. His hand was bleeding, heavily. Suddenly Matt had an idea. “The king can shoot fire, so perhaps he is vulnerable to water?” Matt flew to the fountain at the entrance, and gathered water into a bucket. He threw the bucket full of water at the king.

The king got hit. He screamed. Blood oozed out of his chest. The king was dying. Matt jumped onto the dragon’s back. He commanded the dragon to fly. The dragon then shot a fire blast at the king’s minions. They burned to ashes. The only creature left was the king. The king turned back to see all of the creatures dead.

He turned and shot a fire ball at Matt. Instead, the dragon took the damage. The dragon, groaning with third degree burns, fainted.

Matt shot an eye beam, but the king deflected it. Matt took another bucket of water, but the king evaporated it. The king focused and shot a ball at the ground. All of a sudden, fire started to erupt out of the ground. It burned everything in sight.

Matt dodged all the fire from the ground, but failed to see a fire ball hurling at him. The impact was too strong. Matt felt as if he was being sizzled alive. The burn was too intense for Matt. He fainted.

The entire mansion was burned. There was fire everywhere. The king chuckled and walked to the unconscious Matt. He put his boot on Matt’s chest. He was about to smack the shoe on Matt’s chest, when a small stream of water smacked his behind.

The king groaned, and started coughing. He looked to see who shot the stream of water. There, stood Blake. His eyes were fixed on Matt. Blake took out his water gun, and shot another stream. The king fell, unconscious. Matt stirred and woke. He saw the king fainted, and Blake holding a water gun. “Thanks Blake.”

No problemo.” Blake said. Together, they walked to the king. Matt felt blood trickling down his back. The king was still breathing. “He’s alive,” Blake said.
“Come on, let’s put water on him to kill him.”
And they did. Soon, the king was dead, never to see the light again.

As Blake and Matt flew back home, they both failed to see that someone was watching them. Someone with a long tail. Someone who was sad to see its master, the king, dead. Someone that would soon become the biggest enemy Matt will ever face…

And as Matt and Blake flew away, they both thought that their world was now evil-less. Or was it…

To be continued in Book 2 of the three part Lightning series


Bharat; Grandpa said...

An exicitng story ,Rohan, you have made.It would be more excitng if you can demonstrate more ddifferent powers of lightning power and how it can capture evils of demons.

Keep it up. I would be waiting to read your Book 2. Can you give some snapshots of it?

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed your books throughout. You have a talent to write. Can't wait till book 2.

Anonymous said...

nice work

Alicia Tay said...

Good.....but you could do with more practice. Read more books to gain more ideas.