Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chapter Seven - Into the Sky

Matt Wu and Bonette struggled to get out of the cell that was imprisoning them. They had been locked in for about 10 minutes, but could not formulate any stratagem to get out. "It's no use, " Matt said, "these cells won't budge. Electricity doesn't work on these bars." Matt suddenly felt empty and scared. "How about telepathy?" Matt said, brightening up a bit.

"Nope." Bonette said, sighing. "You are the only person I know really good. I could contact the person I was just teaching right now, but he wouldn't understand yet. We really are stuck in here, Matt." Bonette pounded her hand on the bars, sending an electric flow along the copper. No effect.

"Why are my powers gone?" Matt said, suddenly getting up.
"They took out your electric atoms that are located inside your bones." Bonette said.
"Couldn't I get zapped by lightning, faint, and then do the whole thing all over again?" Matt said, now with more reassurance.
"Yes, but our first thing on the list is to get out of here." Bonette said. "It's no use."

The door to the cell suddenly opened. A small tiny man was there, holding a machine gun. "Shhhh..." The man said, pointing to his mouth. "Let's go."
"Where are we going?" Bonette said, suspiciously.
"To get you two out of here." The man said, smiling. "Let's go now."

Matt and Bonette got up and followed the puny man out of the cell. The three lurked behind the shadows as they moved closer to the exit door. "Once out, fly straight up. If you go fast enough, you might reach Fred and Forelli."

"Thank You, but why are you helping us?" Bonette said, still hiding behind a barrel.
"Call me a traitor to the two Greapers, but I had it. I joined this team to have a better life, but lately all I see is destruction and madness. Now leave. I don't want to get in trouble."

"TOO LATE!" Greg said, appearing before Bonette, the man, and Matt. Greg held the man by the neck, and prepared to kill him. Bonette shot a electric ball at Greg's eye, causing him to drop the man. The Greaper roared and whistled. Skiz appeared, bellowing.

"Go, go." The man said, putting his hands up to surrender. Skiz laughed and ate the man with his strong and sharp teeth. The man screamed as his head split open, spewing blood all over Skiz and Greg. The man fell, headless. In a quick swipe, Skiz devoured the man whole, eating every organ of the man's body. Matt closed his eyes in fright and pictured the man's reaction before he died.

Bonette held Matt by the collar and ran out the door, avoiding Greg, Skiz, and the other men. As the two reached out, one of the guards leaped and tackled Matt to the ground. Skiz ran to Matt and held him by the leg. Matt could smell blood all over Skiz and Greg. "Bonette!" Matt screamed, helpless.

Bonette focused and hurled thunder bolts at the men, killing all on contact. Greg and Skiz dropped Matt and dodged the attack. Greg pulled out a dagger and lit a flame on it with a snap of his fingers. He then threw the flaming dagger at Matt, who again was helpless. Bonette snapped her fingers and Matt instantly appeared at her feet. "How did you..."

"Teleportation. Lightning benders can only do it if their target is less then 50 feet away."
Matt hid behind a rock so he could watch the action.

Bonette doubled kicked both of the enemies in the face, and prepared to do another. Skiz slashed at Bonette, making her hit the rock that Matt was behind. In a flash, Bonette held Matt and started to fly away.

Skiz roared and jumped at the two, missing by an inch of Matt's foot. There was a crackle, and a scream. Bonette was hit by a bullet. The man that fired it smiled and reloaded the gun. Bonette wiped the blood from her arm and struggled to hold Matt while dodging the incoming bullets.

"Give me some of your powers," Matt said, realizing that he was too heavy for her. Strength came to Matt, as he started to fly by himself. Matt shot an energy ball to the guard down below. He missed. "Let's go." Bonette said, throwing electric rocks at the guard. The two started to fly vertically up, in search for the dragon and the Greaper.
"Matt, I have to take my powers back." Bonette said. "If you have my powers too much, you'll die."
Matt suddenly felt dizzy and weak again, but he held on to Bonette with his life.
"THERE!" Matt said, shouting at the top of his lungs over the wind.

Fred and Forelli were in sight, many miles ahead. Matt could also see the satellite that was located under Forelli's feet. Bonette flew faster, as the wind whipped across her face. After a few minutes, they reached the two enemies, unseen. Bonette hovered under the satellite, while Matt inched his hands closer to the satellite. In a quick motion, he took it and threw it down to Earth. Fred turned around and saw what Matt just did. "NO!" He screamed pulling on Forelli's belt. The dragon turned around and swooped towards the falling satellite. It was no use. The satellite was hurling towards Earth at a speed faster than the dragon.

In an outrage, Fred jumped off the dragon, and surrounded himself in blue fire. The fire seemed to speed Fred up, for he reached the satellite and grabbed it with his hands. Fred's smile disappeared, for he realized that he was free falling down towards Earth.

While Fred was falling, Forelli blew a fire ball at Matt, causing him to bring more weight upon the two lightning benders. Bonette regained control and zapped Forelli with a whip, causing Forelli to fall a couple of feet. He groaned and slashed her with his spiky tail. Bonette returned the favor by kicking the dragon in the ribs.

Fred could now see the outline of the laboratory in the mountains. He had no magical powers to save him from this free falling. In his last hope, he took out his whistle and blew hard. Skiz appeared, and waited at the bottom for the falling Fred. He smiled in relief and waited to get caught.

Forelli jabbed at Matt with his claws, making cuts and bruises all over his chest. One of the claws struck him in the heart. Matt could feel a wet and squishy thing coming out of his body. Matt took his hand and grabbed whatever it was and gasped. It was a vein, still soaking in blood. "Whoops." Matt said, as the vein broke, spewing blood everywhere. Forelli screamed, as Bonette kicked Forelli in the eye. She then started to fly Matt at lightning speed her house.

While the dragon was tending to his eye in the air, Skiz had his spiky hands out, ready to catch Fred. As soon as Fred was right above him, Skiz swooped and caught him by the leg, allowing the blood to reach Fred's head.

Fred sighed and handed Skiz the satellite, which was still in good condition. A minute later, Forelli appeared, clutching an eyeball. He had lost an eye. Matt was still screaming and fainting during the whole trip to Bonette's house in the heavens.


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