Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chapter Eight - The Idea

At the Lightning House, Matt Wu was being treated to his broken vein. Standing above him was Bonette, using her lightning hands to fix the bones and veins. So far, though, there has been no success. "Come on, Matt." Bonette said. "Speak, at least..." Minutes went by, but with no success. Matt was still mute, and his breathing was going down even more...

At the Headquarters, Fred and Greg were treating Forelli's eye while Skiz was taking a nap. His eye was punctured in several places, with blood oozing out slowly. One of his eyes was already gone, so this could mean becoming blind forever. "AARG!" Fred roared, sending thousands of guards waking up suddenly. "Guards, find Bonette. Forget about Matt, he has no powers. She is the main criminal..."

The guards ran to their hoard and picked up several rocket launchers. "Where should we go, sir?" One guard said, nervously.
"Bonette's house, of course. I do not know where it is, but find it. It will be more likely in the heavens." Greg said, losing his patience.

Matt coughed up blood and his eyes opened. Bonette cried in relief and washed away the remainder of the acid. After fixing the veins and reconnecting them, Matt began to stir. "Where am I?" Matt said, not realizing that he was next to Bonette.
"Bonette's house, my house." Bonette replied, sighing.
Matt than turned and saw Bonette. He smiled and fainted once more.

"MAAAAATTTT WWWUUUU...." Bonette said, several hours later. "Wake up..."
Matt woke up suddenly and drank a gallon of water. All of a sudden, he got up and started to excersize. "I feel fine." Matt said, doing push-ups to show his strength.
"Yes." Bonette said, sighing. "But we need to get you your powers again."
"Easy...find an X mark on the ground, step on it, and blah blah blah..." Matt relpied, sarcastically.
"Okay Mr. Smartypants, where will you find that mark." She replied, thinking to herself.
"Isn't there one on my steet." Matt said, "bec..."
Before Matt could reply, Bonette started to fly towards Matt's house.

Arriving in 5 minutes or so, Matt started to walk towards the X mark. It was right in front of him, like it was months ago. Before Matt stepped in, he looked to the right and saw his house for the first time in weeks. It was still there, obviously.

Matt went inside the house and gasped at what he saw. The whole house was a mess, and on top of that, there were cats everywhere. Mrs. Wu was on the couch, eating chips and ice cream bars. She was WAY fatter than before. Matt shuddered and advanced towards her. "Mom." Matt said.
"Honey.." Mrs. Wu said, running for Matt. Matt opened his arms out, but got no hug. He turned and saw her getting some real honey out of the cupboard. "This will taste much better." She replied...
"Uhh...MOM!" Matt said, getting annoyed.
"Who are you..." Mrs. Wu said, getting nervous. "I'm calling the cops!"
Matt rushed to the phone and smashed it in half with a knife. Before she could reach the other phone, Matt rushed out of the house and started to feel alone.
"What the heck is going on, here." Matt said, feeling scared for the first time in years.

Matt walked slowly to the X and stepped his right foot in the center.
Thunder started to rumble everywhere, followed by bolts streaking down from the sky. They all started to circle around him, creating static. One bolt than struck Matt's hand, giving him a jolt of feeling.
Matt started to feel dizzy and worried, but he knew what would happen next. As the bolts kept striking him, he felt more alone. Than, with his last view, he saw Mrs. Wu approaching her car to go to work.
He blacked out...

He woke up in a bed. Matt smiled and knew that it was Bonette's house, the first thing he saw. The door opened, and Matt was ready to use his powers to show off.
"Bonette, guess what...I have my!"
Matt was punched in the face with brutal force, sending him to crash into the wall. Matt turned to face Bonette, but gasped.

Bonette was knocked cold, still breathing. Twenty guards were behind her, with rocket launchers.
"Oh boy." Matt said, heading towards the window.
The guards advanced.

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