Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chapter Seven - The Haunted Mansion

Matt walked past his mother’s room, double checking to make sure that she was sound asleep; she was. Quietly so not even the motion detector can hear his vibrations, Matt slipped out of the house into the cold barren night. He seldom ever went out in the night, around 12:00. The gale wind whipped Matt in the cheeks as he slowly walked down to the house of the Tecks family.

He heard a cat prowling around, looking at Matt with its big, yellow eyes. No way he was going to use lightning to get to his friend’s house. It was too risky for someone one might see him flying in the cold night.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, Dr. Vick was strumming his beard.
“Dennis,” Vick cried.
“Y…Yes Mr. Vick, sir.” Dennis said fumbling into view.
“I need a diabolical plan to get rid of the boy.”
“What boy?”
“You IDIOT!” Vick roared, “the lightning boy, Matt Wu. I need a plan to get his powers. I need his powers to steal the dinosaur egg and unleash it.”
“Shut up, I got a plan.” Vick’s eyes gleamed like fire. “A vigorous plan!”

Matt arrived at his destination. With his knuckles, he knocked on the wood door. He then rang the doorbell. DING-DONG!
Mrs. Tecks arrived at the door, looking depressed and somewhat mad. “Hi, Matt. Remember?, Blake is not…”
“Here, I know that. Listen, I wanna go on the quest to the mansion, confront who ever, and save my friend.”
“Matt,” Mrs. Tecks said in a mournful voice, “you are jus’ a kid.”
“Let me try.” Matt said.
“I cannot say no, can I?” Mrs. Tecks said.
“Nope.” The door closed and Matt, with a triumph expression, briskly walked down to the street of Nenen. The night seemed to be going by quickly; if it became daytime, then everyone would see Matt using his powers. He did not want that to happen. The sign said that Nenen was ½ mile away. He was almost to his arrival spot: The Haunted Mansion. He then saw a laboratory that was coming up ahead.
He then somehow thought if Dr. Vick would be following him. He glanced back. No one was there. “Phew.” Matt quickened his pace; two hours until 7:30, the time that most people wake up at. Then, he saw it.

The Haunted Mansion stood, up ahead, looking tall and…ugly. It was covered with filth and dust. There were cobwebs under the roof, and spiders dangling on the windows. Not a good place to sleep in, he thought. Shrugging to himself, Matt walked up the steps to the gate that led to the door of the mansion. He had to somehow get through the gate. How? Could he barge the gate open with his fists, or maybe use lightning to smack down the hinges, causing the gate to collapse…
Matt double checked to make sure no one was looking. He then smacked the gate with a lightning blast that burned the gate to almost ashes. Thinking no one saw him, Matt walked to the door.

Indeed, no one did see Matt using lightning. However, some one realized that Matt used lightning. Dr. Vick was squealing, “Matt did lightning. Yeah, now I know where Matt is: On Nenen Street, on his way to the Haunted Mansion. Hey Dennis, get your fat buttocks up, we are going to the mansion!”
“Yes Sir.”
“Matt is going to have a little surprise when he gets to the mansion.” Vick said laughing. “Matt Wu, you are going down!!”

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