Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chapter Six - Dr. Vick's Evil Plot

   Dr. Vick stood at the chemistry table, peering at the test tubes with a frowned expression. “One of these test tubes contains iodine, and one has sugar. If I can just find them, I can create Sulyturz acid, which possibly can convince the scientists to hand me the last dinosaur egg on Reshna. Then, I will burn the egg, forcing the dinosaur to hatch. Then, I’ll add growth acid on it, and make it a real adult dinosaur. Then, I can…”

   “Dr. Vick,” said Vick’s assistant Dennis. “I have the l…”

   “Shut up and bring me the device.” Dr. Vick beamed with excitement as he tasted iodine and sugar. It had a dulcet smell, which made him even more excited. He took the iodine and carefully tipped the element into the sugar. A sizzling sound was heard and the sugar dissolved into the iodine, which became liquid. He tipped some mercury into the solution and added some poison liquid. He then put the experiment into the freezer. He looked back and saw Dennis walking with the device crammed into his hands.

    “Here it is.” Dennis said, “The lightning device.”
   “The device that will help me locate sources of lightning. My device says that it found someone who is holding a huge amount of lightning. RECORD PLAY!”
   The device said, “11:34 p.m., lightning blast caused by 11 year old Matt Wu, who lives on Neckraw Street.”

    Dr. Vick smiled viciously and laughed. “My lightning machine works! If I can harness this power, I can not only have a dinosaur, but I can kill all the people who called me names. Know what this means, Dennis?”
    “My god, how dumb are you? REVENGE, Dennis, REVENGE!” Vick walked to a large dinosaur drawing. “You will be mine, Matt Wu. Dennis, turn on the jeep. Our expedition begins now. Matt, you’re going DOWN.” Vick went in the jeep and laughed.

    The jeep turned onto the road and started moving. Dennis said, “Tell me where to go.”
    “Make a right on Gazeer Road.” The jeep headed ninety degrees right, causing Dr. Vick to shout at Dennis, for he had veered right to quickly. “Left on Seam Way.” The car went again in a sharp turn. “You bamboozle, can’t you drive properly?”
    The car went in another series of sharp turns, which made Dr. Vick shout again. Finally, they arrived…

    Matt was on his bed, reading a magazine called Lightning. Then he heard the sound of a car stopping on the driveway. Matt looked at the window and saw two guys staring right at him. One of them smiled and cracked his knuckles. “AAGH!” Matt said, hoping that no one heard him. He quickly loped down to the backyard, and looked again. The men were still looking at Matt’s window. “Bad Guys,” he murmured. He shot a small lightning bolt, which shattered the front glass of Vick’s car.
    “Damn, MY CAR! I…” Vick stopped, because his lightning detector was beeping. “Lightning nearby,” he said. “Matt.” Vick stepped out, holding a gun like device.

    Matt flew behind a tall pine tree, and shot a small ball of energy. Vick dodged, spotted Matt, and shot a bullet from his gun. It missed by an inch. Matt shot a bolt, and Vick shot a bullet. The two objects collided, forming a bomb that exploded into the sky. Both the humans were not hurt. Matt shot a huge energy bolt that missed Vick, but hit Dennis. He fell.
    “YOU KILLED MY ASSISTANT, YOU ID…AARG!” An electric ball smacked him to the ground. Blood gushed out of him, as he said, “ASTA LA VISTA...” He fell.

    Matt stared. He killed two people. He gasped and ran back in the house, after hiding the blood and the men. What he failed to see was that Dr. Vick’s hands were still moving, and Dennis’s heart was still beating…

    As soon as Matt reached his room, the phone rang. “Hello?”
“Please press 1 to hear this record.” Matt pressed 5. “This is Mrs. Tecks. We are offering one hundred dollars for anyone who can find Blake.” The line went dead.
“I’ll do it.” He said, and left.

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