Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chapter Two - The Museum of Ancient History

Two dark cloaked men appeared, wearing veils that covered their bodies from top to bottom. They scanned the perimeter for any signs of threat or suspicious activity. Seeing none, they withdrawed their hoods covering their face. Their face was sunken- ghostly-, exposing the flesh to the outside world. However, the blood was not dripping- it was somehow intact to the cheeks.

They walked slowly and carefully across the street; lit only by one lamp. A huge building was on the other side. It was closed...

"Come on Matthew... Let's go. The science party is on right now!" Scientist Gibbs said.

"Wait Gibbs. I am putting on the security for the Egg." Scientist Matthew said, glancing at the Egg with caution, "I sense that today is a peculiar day."

"Whatever Matthew. I'm leaving." Gibbs walked with a steady stride to the door. He opened it and closed the door behind, leaving the other scientist with the Egg.

The two masked people walked to the entrance... It was locked. The window above was slightly ajar, allowing the cold breeze to come in. They reached in for their pockets and took out a grappling beam. The beam shot out with sheer force, clutching the wall as they went. The two people hoisted up and walked on the wall, supported by the beam that was still sticking to the wall with no sign of collapsing. Upon reaching the window, they deformed and reappeared on the other side. Suddenly, the alarm went on. "INTRUDER ALERT... INTRUDER ALERT!"

Matthew gasped and looked at the security computer. There were two men running down the F1 section of the Museum. He immediately pushed a red button the other side of the monitor.

The masked people stopped in their tracks and looked straight ahead. 5 policemen with MP5's were running towards them- triggers raised. The masked men shot a purple wave of energy at them. They fell to the floor, unconscious. The men walked past the 5 and went aboard the elevator. They peered at the guide map and found the floor destination: No. 7

Gibbs rushed in, nachoes in one hand and a cup of Sprite in the other. "The two are aboard Elevator Shaft 2... Unplug its circuits!" Matthew rushed to the control panel and cut the green wire that was connected to the blue one.

The elevator stopped...dead. It suddenly started to rush down, plummeting floors in seconds. There were only 5 seconds until impact. "Ghdfs jsig nsodf ngu" one of the men said.

The other nodded and shot a red beam at the ceiling. It burst into flames, making a hole. They jumped out of the elevator and shot their grappling hooks at the 7th floor- which was going farther way due to the fact that they were going down. The hooks connected to the door of the 7th floor. The men were immediantely pulled up to the door. Smiling, exposing their fangs, they opened it and went on the other side. Their destination was beyond the yellow door on the other side of the hallway.

Matthew said, "The elevator crashed... They must be dead."

"Way to go Matthew!" Gibbs said, "Let's go there to see who it was."

They approached the yellow door from one side, the masked men on the other.

Gibbs reached for the door handle and turned it. There, in their prescence, was two ghostly and sinister people. The faces were covered with hoods and black was the color of their body. A veil covered them and also seemed to energize them.

"Hello, Gibbs." One of the masked men said. "We'll say this now- give us the Egg or we'll take it by means of force."

"Look," Gibbs said, looking at Matthew with scared eyes, "I don't know who you are, but I will never give you the Egg."

The man smiled. "I thought you would say that. He pulled a dagger and thrusted it in his chest. Gibbs groaned and fell, blood flowing out of his chest.

"Matthew, give us the Egg."

Matthew handed the Egg to the masked men and backed away. "Thank you, Matthew, for this."

Suddenly, a gale wind blew and the masked men disappeared, leaving Matthew alone with the dead Gibbs.

The two reappeared at the cave where Forelli was. Forelli said, "Greg, gdjghs ghsf ighj hfuaf hgsu. Fred, ghsdgj gj ijgbsd?"

The masked men named Greg replied, "Ghs gjisldj gruhg bwil r."

The masked men named Fred replied, "Ghhs sgjnk wifk."

Step two was done... all that was left was electricity.

"Matt Wu sjdgnsd." Fred said, his fleshy smile occupying his face.

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