Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chapter Three - The Bait

Matt Wu, a 12 year old boy with powers unknown to most human beings, walked quickly down the hall to a door at the end. On the opposite side lay death- the worst teacher in the school- Mrs. Ellen Briggs. She was the meanest teacher in the world- some say that she gives out F's without reading the papers. Mrs. Briggs taught the only elective that Matt thought was interesting: tech. His father was once a brilliant engineer, constructing and fixing cars for minimum wage. Eventually, he quit and started a new company called AutoFix. Now, he works as a computer software maker- making chips almost everyday.

So, when Matt signed up, he thought he made a good choice. WRONG! The moment he stepped in Mrs. Briggs's classroom, the moment he regretted it. Matt wished that he was in Blake's class in electives. He picked computers, which turned out to be good because the teacher was Mr. Tempron. He never gives out homework and always looks for effort, not finishing things.

Blake is a wimpy 7th grader who amazingly turned out to be Matt's best friend a couple years ago. They met at a place called Baltin Rohin- an ice cream store. They realized that they were in the same school... they talked and then a couple of minutes later they wanted a "play date." Recently, Blake has became a bit more stronger when he tackled the King of the Creatures with a water sprayer. The King was a fire bender, so that meant that he could shoot fire, but also means that he can die of water. The creatures that he was king of were dim-witted water benders. They were so amazingly dumb that they had no idea that the King could be at their mercy.

Another evil man, Dr. Vick, tried to take Matt's lightning ability so he could hatch the only remaining dinosaur egg. He was also a fire bender, but eventually died along with the others. Matt got his lightning powers from his ancestors, but to test his ability to handle it, he was struck by lightning when he placed his sneaker on a red X mark. Then, he got an explanation from the first ancestor of the lightning people- Bonette. According to her, there are about 100 or so of the lightning benders in Albany. Matt then got into some weird positions with lightning. In the first few days, he learned some serious attacks.

It is now nighttime and Matt was getting in bed. It was a warm day, about 70 degrees- one of the hottest days so far in the month of December. Winter Break started today, so Matt was looking foreward to Christmas. He really wanted a Bungento Jii- a Japanese Game System with wireless controls. The games were awesome- Jii Sports, Jii Play, and Jii Chess. Then, he would buy Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

The wind was rattling now, for the temprature dangerously dropped 50 degrees. The sound of branches hitting the windows of the other parts of the house made Matt stir in his sleep. Suddenly, a crash was heard, followed by a scream. Matt jolted from the bed and put his ear to the wall that was right next to his parent's room. His dad was on a business trip to Portland, and won't be back for another 2 weeks. There was the scream again- more closer now. It was definently mom, but Matt wasn't going to bother. She was probably watching a scary movie. December was the time to watch scary movies for Mrs. Wu.

Matt got back in his bed and looked at the ceiling above. A big lightning symbol looked back. Matt, in Thanksgiving, asked to paint lighting symbols all over, since he "loved" lightning so much. This time, a thump was heard and another scream followed. Laughter was then heard- a men's voice. "MOM!" Matt shouted.

He rushed out and flew to the double doors that was the entrance to her room. Instead of kicking it open, he reached for the knob and sent a small current to the lock that was on the opposite side. He then opened the door ever so slighty to see what was going on. His mother was on a chair, with a machine over her head. Two men in dark cloacks were watching her. One of them had a remote in its hand.

Matt looked at their faces... they were shrunken and ghost-like. "We are going to ask you again...," one of them said, "Where is the lightning source?"

"I d...don't know any lightning source. What are you talking about?" Mrs. Wu said.

"Where is the Lightning Source?" The other said.

"Maybe if I knew what the "lightning source" standed for..." Mrs. Wu began.

"Do not play games with me..." The first said. He pushed the button on the remote. A small static rushed to her head. She screamed yet again.

"Alright... " the one without the remote said, "the lightning source is a code name for your son, Matt Wu!"

"Why did you tell her that, Fred?" The one with the remote said.

"I don't really think she knew what it meant, Greg." Fred replied.

"What do you mean about Matt," Mrs. Wu said.

"Shut up." Fred replied.

Matt kicked the door open and said, "Here I am."

Fred and Greg both replied at the same time, "Come with us or she goes."

Matt looked at his mother and smiled. "Take me."

The two men eyed each other, shrugged, and advanced. As soon as they walked away from Mrs. Wu, he jumped into action and eyed balled them both in the chest. No effect.

Fred shot a purple beam at Matt's nose. He immediately smelled it. Matt fell to the floor, and fainted.

Fred and Greg caught Matt and put him in their hands. "So long Mrs. Wu," Fred said.

Mrs. Wu started to cry. The two had no sympathy, though.

In a flash, the two disappeared with Matt, leaving the sobbing Mrs. Wu tied up to a chair, a light detector electrifier tightly rooted onto her head.

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