Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chapter Four - After The Storm

Matt woke up on a soft bed. His vision came back to focus as he yawned. A struck of horror came to him because he realized that this room was not his and all he could remember was falling. In fact, the bed he was sleeping in was different than his. This bed had lightning insignias everywhere. He then thought that some one must have saved him from the lightning storm and took him into a guest room, which is where he is right now.

However, he had no more time to think because he heard a sound of keys rustling on the other side of the door. Someone’s coming! Matt ducked under the bed and looked at the door, breathing as slowly as possible.

A young woman appeared with a knife. Matt’s heart skipped a beat. She smiled and an electric current shot out of her arms. The current engulfed Matt and it brought him towards the woman. Her eyes were green and had a stream of blue on the pupils. She had a good smile that glistened in the moonlight.

“Hello.” She said with much enthusiasm.
“Uh…hi. Where am I?”
“In my house.” She said.
“Who are you?” Matt blurted out. He had the urge to ask and finally he spilled out his desired question.
“I am Bonette, daughter of lightning, and the first ancestor of the Lightning people.”
“Who are these Lightning people?” Matt asked.

“Let me tell you a story…

“Once, when Reshna was created long ago, a man appeared. He was called Lightning man because he could shoot lightning. The descendant chain broke down, and when you were born, you were the chosen descendant of the Lightning man.

“What about my parents?” Matt said. He still did not believe that he could actually shoot lightning.
“Somehow, they did not get any powers.”
“But, what does this have to do with the lightning storm?” Matt asked.
“Lightning people don’t get their power by magic. To get their power, they get hit by a lightning bolt. Then, they have powers of a lightning bolt forever.”
“And the dream I had about the mansion.” Matt said.
“I gave you that dream. It was to see whether you are able to handle lightning.” Bonette said.

An hour passed as Matt and Bonette talked about the lightning power…

“Well, Matt. This is the end of our meeting. I hope I will see you soon.”
“Wait…” Matt said.
“Sorry, Matt. I have no more time to talk.”

A rustle of wind appeared and Matt disappeared. He appeared in his backyard. Bonette’s face appeared. “Remember, Matt. Say “Lightning powers on” to shoot lightning, and say “Lightning powers off” to temporarily shut off your powers. When you are in your lightning state, be careful with rubber and water.” She disappeared.

Making sure no one was looking, Matt said, “Lightning powers on.” Matt shot his hands in the air. Nothing happened! Matt tried to point his fingers at an object. “Why won’t this work?” Matt roared frustrated. Static filled his body as Matt knew that it might work this time. Matt did the same movements as last time; however, nothing happened. Matt put his finger in a gun-shaped way, hoping it would work. Matt shot his finger in the air. A small zap was heard, but nothing came out. Matt “tore his hair.” Frustrated, he kept trying. Finally, he cupped his hands together and jerked it. A lightning bolt zapped out and struck the tree. It was weak, but Matt had finally done it. Matt was elated.

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