Saturday, February 9, 2008

Chapter Six - Telepathy

In the laboratory, Matt Wu was being watched by these little 5 foot soldier creatures. He had been locked in a metal cage since yesterday, getting no water or food. The only other thing in the room was a small chalk so he could write on the ground. So far, he had been using it to make up an escape plan, but nothing was working out. Even if the metal bars broke, there would be 20 soldiers on top of him, armed with MP5's and Rocket Launchers. He sighed and watched as the bar opened. A sandwich was thrown at Matt, followed by the bars closing again. Matt greedily ate the food, but was still hungry and thirsty.

In the laboratory in the caves hundreds of miles away from Matt's location, the two greapers, Forelli, and the dinosaur were making something. "Fred." Greg replied hastily. "Will this work out to be a good idea?"

"Sure, "Forelli said, growling and blowing fire at the various mechanisms.

"Yeah." Fred replied, "once this satellite is made, the dragon's fire will be sent all over the world. The World will be in chaos. We can then come to power."

"How do we even know if this satellite will be good, or work?" Greg replied, using his powers to manipulate the energy within the circuits.

"IT WILL." Forelli growled, blowing a weak fire blast at Greg.

"The satellite isn't complete yet, but will in 30 minutes" Fred said, now annoyed with Greg's talking.

Matt sat in a cross-legged position in the laboratory of Gunta Town. He got another sandwich and took a nap in the cage. Matt knew that his powers were gone, so he was just dreaming of a way out. An idea struck him. Telepathy. Bonette said that he could do it after practicing a lot. Matt tried to communicate, but couldn't picture her. "What did she look like?" Matt said, racking his brains for an answer. His dream came into mind. Of course, Matt thought. With the picture, he sent her a message.

Bonette was at the Lightning House, talking to one of the new lightning benders. A signal came into her thought. "Hold on Mark." She said. HELP!! ITS MATT WU! I'M PRISONER AT GUNTA TOWN! FRED AND GREG, THE TWO GREAPERS HAVE IMPRISONED ME!!

"Mark, I'll be back. Lightning Business."

"Okay." Mark replied, not caring.

Bonette instantly came to the laboratory and zapped everything in sight. When she saw Matt, she glowed and shot a psybeam at the guards. One-hit KO. "Thanks." Matt said. "Fred and Greg went to the other laboratory."

"Which?" Bonette said.

"Don't know. Just overheard one of the guards.

Bonette went to one of the guards and snapped her fingers. The man woke up and tried to budge. She held him down and asked fiercely, "Where is the Two Greapers?"

"The one in the cave on Berdford Mountains." He said. The guard obviously knew Bonette, so he probably did not want to mess up with her. "Wait." The guard said, "How did Matt contact you? His powers are gone."

"Telepathy requires no power usage. Its a lightning power thats special."

Matt and the daughter of the Lightning Man arrived at the cave. "Do you have the key?" Bonette asked.

"No." Matt said. "My powers are gone."

"I know. Here, take some of mine." A shock went into Matt's body. He had temporarily some power. "Thanks."

Bonette touched the wall and watched as it melted to the ground. 12 men stood at the other end. When they saw Matt, they grabbed their guns and aimed at him. When they saw Bonette, they dropped their weapons and gasped.

Bonette roughly shoved and came to the door at the end. She pushed open the door and gasped. Matt ran to her and saw it.

The dinosaur. "Skiz." Matt said, nearly fainting.

"Hello Matt. Bonette." Fred said, a bit nervous.

"The dinosaur is alive. With him and Forelli..."Matt said.

"World will fall." Skiz said.

Fred laughed and jumped on top of Forelli. He was holding the satellite. Forelli and Fred flew up and dashed towards the sky.

"After him." Bonette said to Matt.

They started to fly, but were knocked off by Skiz. "Where are you going?" Skiz said. "Once they return, the world will fall. The Greapers power, Forelli's fire, and my strength will be the supreme." He said.

Bonette starred at Skiz while Greg threw both lightning benders into the prison cell.

Matt sighed.

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