Monday, July 9, 2007

Chapter One - The Cave

The Haunted Mansion stood at the banks of Nenen Street, in flames. The fires that were created 5 months ago were still there, licking away the few pieces of bark and wood that was left. Only one thing non-perishable remained- a single crown that was thrusted with gold and silver and diamonds. It was rusted over the years, but it was still shiny.

A huge and mighty roar came out of no where. It was like a rousing roar, as if the creature who did it was just awaken from something, and did not want to. The roof of the shed that occupied Blake a few months ago shattered, exploding debris and tanbark everywhere. In the midst stood a shadowy beast, a monster. It was green all over, with crimson red scales that were like rubies in the sun. The monsterous beast roared again, echoing all over the area. As soon as the shade from the shed rolled away from the beast, the identity was discovered: a dragon.

The dragon scanned his perimeter and saw the ruby crown that was alone in the fires. The dragon blew a freezy blast of ice, which took out the flames that were around the crown. Gently, the dragon picked up the item with its claws, which were dirty with grease and sweat. Putting it near his nose, the dragon smelled the dulcet crown, and sneezed. "A...A...ACHOO!" The dragon roared. His wings started to move and he was ascending with the winds. The Haunted Mansion, still burning, looked like a tiny speck on the ground. As the flames, they were still visible, but a normal person would think that it was a b-b-q party. With the crown still in its hand, the dragon started flying south, to the mountains. Cities zoomed by- Gunta Town, Reshna, Nenen...

The mountains were becoming more into detatil- trees, lakes, and animals were clearly visible. The animals looked up at the flying dragon and were soon darting to their homes, in fear that they might get hurt. The animals were right as it seems, for the dragon landed in a clearing that was hidden by trees and lakes. It drank a gallon of water and walked lazily to a cave that sloped into the ground.

The cave had a cool breeze- A.C.'s were everywhere. Clearly, someone must live here. The dragon took no notice of his surroundings. Soon, he came to a dead end. Only a small chip of the wall bent inwards, in a crown like shape, was noticeable. The dragon carefully placed the crown in the dent and waited patiently. The crown disappeared and the wall that stopped the dragon's path opened, revealing a table and hammocks. People were sleeping and some were playing cards on the table. The crown reappeared on the small container.

The people did not seem to notice the dragon, for all were facing away from it. The dragon seemed frustrated that no one noticed it, so he roared yet again. The people jumped out of their skins, took a weapon and turned. As soon as they saw the dragon, they dropped their weapons and gasped. "Forelli, you have returned." One of the men said. He had biceps and a hood hid his face from view.

The dragon nodded and was soon resting on the ground. "Did the plan work, Forelli? Did Matt die? Is he dead? Did the King of the creatures succeed?"

Forelli shook his head- a gesture of no.

"What!!!! The King, what happened..."

The man did not finish, for soon he was holding the crown that Forelli stole.

"What about our leader, Dr. Vick? Is he dea..."

Forelli nodded sadly.

One of the younger men pounded the table, sending the cards falling from the table. "This does it... I had it with Matt. First, we had to hatch the dinosaur egg. But, we needed lightning. So, Vick went after Matt. Vick died, so his master, the King, took Blake. Matt rescued Blake from the creatures and escaped. The King got mad and sent his minions after Matt. Matt tore through the creatures and killed the King. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!"

"Alright, since Vick is dead, we have to carry out his plan. First... THE EGG"

Foirelli nodded as the rest did too.

"Boys, to the Museum of Ancient History!"

And just like that, the people vanished in thin air, leaving the dragon alone with the crown.

Forelli looked at the crown and roared so loud that the tables broke- he was sad; the King truely was dead. But the dinosaur... is still ALIVE!

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